Texa Crescent - Isle of Islay

This project was to refurbish 25 houses and bungalows on an island 2 hours away from mainland Scotland by boat. As a result a very exposed, harsh environment was encountered. 

The properties were traditional brick cavity wall construction but rather than replacing the tired insulation and redecorating the façade, Weber were able to demonstrate that better value for money could be achieved by installing an insulated render system which would improve thermal performance, reduce carbon emissions as well as eliminating the need to remove the existing cavity fill as the dew point would move to the external leaf of the property, thus eliminating condensation issues.

The webertherm XP EWI system was chosen with durability in mind, the combination of high performance polymer renders with tough dashing aggregates provided a blend of vibrant aesthetics with proven longevity. Dry dash finish is commonly used in Scotland as it copes well with the wet climate, a modern cream colour of top coat was used with a marble aggregate which gave the impression of a new build property.

The thermal performance of these houses was improved from 1.07W/m²K to 0.29W/m²K as well as rejuvenating the tired, weather beaten façade, providing thermal stability to the properties and comfort for the residents.

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