House Builder Award Win!

weberfloor flex with Low Dust Technology™ came away with the highly commended award in the Product of Year category at last week's prestigious event. After winning the award for best interior product earlier this year, the high performance, rapid setting screed was shortlisted in the highly contested "Product of the Year" final. The Weber team were presented their award by James Nesbitt OBE.

Weber team wins award

Improvements made to weberfloor flex with Low Dust Technology™ have resulted in improved set-time by as much as two hours. Established as one of Weber’s top selling floor screeds, the set-time for light foot traffic following application has improved from 2-4 hours down to 1-2 hours, allowing fastest possible access for other trades.

weberfloor flex is a high performance, cement-based, self-smoothing and self-levelling screed. It is used for correcting irregularities on difficult surfaces including concrete slabs, precast elements, wooden flooring and existing ceramic and rigid plastic tiles. It is also suitable for floating floors and floors with underfloor heating, and will cover flexible coverings, parquet flooring and certain floor paints. weberfloor flex can be built up to a maximum thickness of 50mm and its fibre-modified formula increases strength and resilience.

This intelligent, high performance screed offers the added benefit of improved bond although the rapid-setting performance was designed to satisfy the challenging requirements of the housebuilding industry, property owners and professional applicators.

The addition of Low Dust Technology™, which is already present in selected best-selling products in Weber’s tile fixing range, significantly reduces airborne dust created during the pouring and mixing processes without altering the premium characteristics of the product. Low Dust Technology™ makes products more comfortable, cleaner and convenient to use. The flexible screed should be applied to a sound substrate although localised holes up to a total depth of 50mm can be filled with weberfloor flex. Priming with weber PR360 is recommended to improve adhesion, reduce air bubbles and improve the flow of screed. Supplied in 25kg bags weberfloor flex should be thoroughly mixed with water to form a fluid, homogenous paste. In application the screed is poured onto the floor and spread evenly with a steel trowel, spatula or spiked roller. 

In a recent project carried out by W Rodgerson & Sons, Tyne & Wear, Neil Rodgerson said, “We use weberfloor flex all the time. It’s versatile and extremely easy to mix and apply. It’s a great help to us and our contractors as we can lay up to 50mm in one pour and still tile the following day. Recently we needed to lay a screed onto an existing and very uneven floor which had a vinyl glue residue. To save removing the glue, both time consuming and very messy, Weber recommended applying weber PR360 primer and weberfloor flex. The result was a perfectly level floor to which we fixed 600mm x 600mm tiles the very next morning.”

Weber products with Low Dust Technology™ are manufactured in the UK at facilities in Bedfordshire, Shropshire and Northern Ireland, helping to ensure product quality, uniformity and availability with reduced transportation costs and CO₂ emissions.

Full technical support is available from Weber and on-site advice, both at the specification stage and during application, can be arranged. Detailed specifications can be provided, as well as site visits and and on-site demonstrations. Training courses are available via the Saint-Gobain Technical Academy at Flitwick, Bedfordshire.

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