New flooring guides provide specialist specification support

New checklists are now available to help specifiers select the right flooring system according to the type of project.

We have produced six individual guides tailored to specific sectors – education, healthcare, leisure, offices, retail and warehouses – to ensure specifiers have thought of every issue before choosing a flooring system.

New Flooring Specification Guides

Specification considerations listed include how the flooring will be used, the project timeline, the substrate, moisture level, depth of application and the final finish required. The guides also give some top tips as well as product recommendations.

Tim Smith, Head of Infrastructure and Flooring said:

“The type of flooring system required can vary depending on the type of project and how it will be used. For example, the flooring in a warehouse or operating theatre can be subjected to stricter surface regularity levels of flatness than a shop floor. 

“These checklists can help determine the right system by making specifiers aware of the considerations they need to make to ensure everything has been thought of before work begins. This can prevent the incorrect product being specified or installed which can end up being costly to fix.”

The new guides can be found here alongside our new flooring system selector. The simple two-step tool will recommend a flooring system based on what the substrate is and if there are any special requirements.  

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