New weberend bead adhesive is designed to deliver

The new, rapid setting weberend bead adhesive has been introduced by Saint-Gobain Weber as an integral element in the Weber Render Systems product inventory. Fixing beads correctly, and with the right adhesive, contributes directly to the overall quality and longevity of Weber render applications.

Application of weberend bead adhesive

weberend bead adhesive has been specifically designed for the rapid fixing of corner beads, drip beads, stop beads and expansion beads in preparation for the render application. This new fast curing adhesive will fix render profile beads to masonry substrates, with the beads sufficiently set within two hours (dependant on the ambient temperature), in preparation for main wall render application.

weberend bead adhesive is designed for the job and it delivers perfect results in the shortest possible time,” says Tracey Dempster, head of marketing at Saint-Gobain Weber UK. “It is the cost effective solution for professional applicators.”

This new adhesive has been developed to provide applicators with an adhesive product specifically designed for render applications. Previously applicators may have used weberpral M or weberend LAC as an adhesive but these take longer to set sufficiently. The practice of nailing beads to the substrate is not recommended as subsequent corrosion can stain through to the render surface. Drywall adhesive should never be used for external bead fixing as water ingress can cause the system to fail.

These risks are eliminated by using weberend bead adhesive which is supplied in powder form in 20kg bags for on-site mixing and only requires the addition of clean water. One bag of weberend bead adhesive is sufficient for 45 linear metres and is hand applied as dots at minimum 300mm centres and the bead pushed home.

weberend bead adhesive creates the perfect application zones for high quality Weber render products and to ensure long lasting quality and retained integrity of Weber render system applications. 

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