Our NEW Market Mission

We care about building better for people and the planet is at the heart of our business but also as a concrete driver of our four brand promises dedicated to our customers.

Making the World a Better Home

In the last few years, Saint-Gobain has been on a major journey of transformation. A journey which has led us to become a stronger, more agile group which is closer to its customers and its markets. All our teams around the world now share an ambitious and meaningful purpose: Making the World a Better Home. A purpose that not only inspires but calls for action.

This purpose comes with a strategic plan for the group, a roadmap which addresses global, environmental, human and industrial challenges, while pushing for sustainable growth in order to be the worldwide leader in light and sustainable construction.

Our new Market Mission

Weber have translated the Saint-Gobain purpose into a strategic commitment with concrete actions through a new brand position.

But what does it mean?

We Care – This is about the attention we pay to all customers enhancing our closeness to them and our markets.

Building – This covers both the design and manufacture of products and solutions for buildings that enhances people's health and wellbeing while taking care of the planet. They should offer an increased value for customers and occupants.

Better – An echo to the Saint-Gobain Purpose "Better Home", where ‘better’ includes innovation and progress. Better for the people and the planet, better economic value and quality.

People - For those who build and for those who spend time in buildings

Planet - Reducing buildings environmental impacts

Our Brand Promises

Our Market Mission translates into four brand promises which will guide and direct us in all that we do with strong commitments...

Watch our old logo transition to the new one!

Our new logo

So, together with our new market mission and brand promises, we have a new style to support the change, this includes a new logo.

As you can see through the transition in the video our logo has not changed much, keeping the same distinctive and recognisable yellow and black, just adding a more modern look.

The Saint-Gobain family

All of the Saint-Gobain construction brands including Gyproc, British Gypsum, Isover and Celotex share our Market Mission and as a group we will communicate our strategic priorities to prove how we care about building better for the people and the planet.

There are synergies across the whole Saint-Gobain family, some which may not be familiar to our customers, so part of our new brand identity is to evolve the brands so they can easily be recognised as being part of the same group. 

The new logos all have a similar style to create an easily recognisable family of brands, this approach aims to highlight Saint-Gobain and its portfolio of strong specialist business brands.

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