Order Samples

Sample orders: Things to be aware of

When ordering samples, please be aware that it is an unrealistic expectation that manufacturers can produce exact colour matching from:

  • Product to product - the raw materials and pigment additions used to manufacture acrylic products are different from those used in silicone based products.
  • Finish to finish - the colour of a painted finish on a plain faced render will always look different to the same colour with a textured finish.

To ensure colour consistency, the material required for complete and adjoining panels should be thoroughly mixed together before use.

Always follow the instructions on the product packaging or product data sheet. Product data sheets are available upon request from Weber or can be downloaded from our Download Centre.

Should you require any further samples, have any questions or issues regarding the samples you have received please email the Sample Room at sampleroom@netweber.co.uk

Alternatively if you have any technical questions or further queries about Weber products please contact our Technical Services Team on: 01525 722 110 option 2 or email technical@netweber.co.uk

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