Time to step up!

The health and safety of our employees, customers and suppliers are always top priority at Weber. It is considered everyone’s responsibility to recognise unsafe or unhealthy behaviour as part of our working week, but once a year, the entirety of Saint-Gobain pause for a day, to work together to look and learn about Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) issues.


2024 is no different and we are getting ready for the worldwide event on the 22nd of May.  The full-day agenda will allow our colleagues to engage in an interactive way to connect their role with Our Purpose, our strategy, and our principles of conduct and action.

The main objective of the day will be the aspects of EHS that are most relevant to Weber UK & Ireland sites in Flitwick, Telford, and Ballyclare and the local community around us. We will focus on the health and wellbeing offer to our colleagues and their families, the details of our support, and where it can be accessed.

There will also be activities focusing on our solutions for light and sustainable construction and how they change things for the better and help tackle some of society’s major challenges so that people understand how they are contributing, how we make Our Purpose come to life and the wider value for the communities we serve.

There will also be an opportunity to engage with the Sustainability Champions at Weber and learn about the Carbon and Nature Funds available through Saint-Gobain to encourage and inspire more ideas and projects to be nominated.

We are looking forward to the day which is always thought-provoking, with the activities inspiring a healthy amount of learning, debate, and ideas. 

We hope that the site closures on the 22nd of May do not cause an inconvenience, all order dates will be communicated in advance, to ensure that deliveries are met to your satisfaction.

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