Use of weberend aid

weberend aid is a proprietary mix designed to be used as an adhesive stipple pre-treatment for suitable substrates. It should be noted that the use of a stipple coat can be utilised for a number of reasons singularly or as a combined solution.

Below are a number of examples that may be applicable:

  • Provide key on dense and/or smooth substrates 
  • To equalise or moderate high suction on lightweight or mixed substrates
  • Improving weather resistance of the render build up in severe locations

By volume mix three parts of weberend aid with one part clean water using a suitable drill and whisk attachment. Wetting out by diluting with additional water will affect the product’s primary performance.

With a hawk and trowel or an open hopper spray gun, apply a tight layer 2–3mm thick to the substrate. Texture the surface using a well loaded roller. Apply no more than 2–3 m² before texturing. It is important that the final texture achieved should be a deep, heavy stipple finish with a textured depth of 5–10mm using a stipple roller.

For difficult substrates, such as those with low suction or those retaining dust after cleaning, scrub weberend aid well into the surface with a small hand brush and then texture with the brush or roller. Leave to cure for 2-3 days. Insufficient key will inhibit the render bond; this is particularly relevant on low suction substrates where capillary absorption is minimal.

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