Weber flooring products save the day in DIY SOS Big Build Mildenhall

Saint-Gobain Weber has donated materials to Doyle Plastering for a DIY SOS project in Mildenhall, Suffolk, to help the Dobbin family rebuild their home and lives.

Pumping weberfloor fibre 4310

In March 2015 the life of Simon Dobbin, a loving father, husband and football fan, was suddenly and mercilessly changed for ever. After supporting his football team at an away game Simon was set upon by a gang of 13 men in an unprovoked attack. His wife Nicole rushed from her job as a senior care worker to find Simon fighting for his life in intensive care having endured a massive stroke and bleed on the brain. Tragically, this vicious attack left Simon permanently brain damaged.

After many months in hospital Simon returned home but the family property was now unfit for purpose, inhibiting his rehabilitation and creating massive strain on the family's life. He slept downstairs in the living room without access to the upstairs bathroom, contributing to his loss of dignity along with the life he once lived. In the DIY SOS build the team added a challenging downstairs extension kitted out with all the bespoke care provision Simon needs: a bedroom with physio space, wet room, social space and the ability to access the entire ground floor and rear garden.

Saint-Gobain Weber donated weberfloor 4320 fibre flow rapid to Doyle Plastering, of Bury St Edmunds, to cover an area of 16m².

Charlie Doyle comments: "We needed to work quickly on this project in order to allow other trades access to the area so the fast setting, rapid drying qualities of this screed had an important role to play. We got to site at 5pm and everyone was amazed that we were going to pour the screed right then.

"The site was clear but 50 people were watching us. It went down a treat, pump applied, to a thickness of 50mm and it was rock hard next morning. Really pleased to have been involved; it was quite emotional as I'm also a family man."

Charlie Doyle has used Weber renders for over 12 years when the company began trading. He has also attended the Saint-Gobain Technical Academy in Flitwick, Bedfordshire, where he took a one day course on the correct application of weberfloor 4320 fibre flow rapid.

"The reason we recommended this particular screed is because it enabled the DIY SOS team to install luxury vinyl tiles just three days after application," says Julian Still, Saint-Gobain Weber. "A conventional 50mm sand and cement screed would take 50 days to dry out."

weberfloor 4320 fibre flow rapid is a fibre-reinforced, self-levelling floor screed and is supplied as a pre-blended dry powder designed for application as a bonded screed at thicknesses of 5 - 50mm. It is designed for use on many substrates, including concrete and a wide range of existing floor surfaces, where speed of application and drying is essential. It will give a finished surface ready for final covering and is suitable for both commercial and residential locations as a bonded, unbonded or floating floor. weberfloor 4320 fibre flow rapid is casein and protein-free, and resistant to alkaline moisture.

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