Weber launches Solutions for New Build Homes & Home Refurbishment

To better support those specifying for new build housing development or home refurbishment projects, Weber has this month launched a host of brand new, high quality 3D illustrations showing complete solutions on offer.

From tile adhesives and floor screeds to façades and technical mortars solutions, we’ve got you covered when it comes to designing or retrofitting our products and systems into your projects.

Solutions for New Build Homes

Developers specifying solutions for new build housing can view our façade options whether building with traditional blockwork substrates or timber frame construction. Not only that, but finishes range from high-performance silicone textured finishes to lightweight brick-effect finishes that are built to stand the test of time.

When it comes to internals, Weber’s solutions for flooring systems such as underfloor heating systems or tile fixing products for bathrooms and kitchens are easy to understand. 

Finally, infrastructure considerations such as bedding mortars for street furniture or access chambers can benefit from Weber’s technical mortars solutions.

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Solutions for Home Refurbishment

Developers specifying solutions for home refurbishment can view our façade solutions, our façade systems can be applied onto masonry substrates to rejuvenate the appearance of a tired looking home, or external wall insulation system can also improve thermal efficiency for years to come.

When it comes to building façades, exposure to the elements and general wear and tear can cause a build-up of algae and dirt which need to be cleaned off from time to time using our render cleaning solution.

Our weberfloor flooring solutions cover a range of scenarios for home refurbishment projects and are each designed for optimum speed, durability, strength and smoothness.

Finally, concrete driveways are susceptible to damage over time and will need remedial works to resume normal use, we offer driveway repair solutions to cater to your needs depending on size of repair.

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Specifying the right solutions

Weber guides and educates along the way with system selectors for render systems and flooring systems, and product selectors for tile adhesives. 

When it’s time to specify a solution, direct integration with NBS Source means specifiers can with a couple of clicks enter details for an entire Weber solution into their NBS Chorus projects. Alternatively, full specification documents can also be downloaded.

Work with us on your next project

With a team of desk-based and field based sales managers, as well as application and specification managers, Weber has a team of experts ready to guide you through the process of specifying our solutions from start to finish.

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