Weber launches tried and tested technical mortar products

Saint-Gobain Weber has launched two popular technical mortars which have been reformulated to deliver class-leading performance.

Application of webertec aquapel creme

webertec aquapel crème is designed for the treatment of porous concrete masonry and sand and cement rendered surfaces. It penetrates into the pores of the surface increasing the interfacial surface tension and significantly reduces penetration of water and water-borne contaminants, especially de-icing and marine salts. webertec aquapel crème is ideal for buildings and structures in exposed locations providing protection from salt spray.

Easy to apply by brush, roller or non-atomising spray, webertec aquapel crème requires a one-coat application and can be applied overhead without loss of material and leaves minimal surface appearance. It protects against ingress of chlorides and sulphates; improves freeze/thaw resistance while reducing corrosion, and effectively allows the treated surface to breathe. webertec aquapel crème also has the additional benefit of being BS EN 1504 compliant for concrete repair and protection.

webertec solvent is a general purpose cleaning solvent designed for epoxy and polyester resins. It is suitable for removing uncured epoxy resins and for cleaning tools and equipment used with resin based products. webertec solvent, is available in 5-litre metal containers. Preferably, items for cleaning should be soaked overnight and followed by wiping thoroughly with a clean cloth or brush.

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