Weber on tour!

Did you know that Weber UK & Ireland have a range of products which have taken them all round the world?

Our specialist range developed for airports and runways, manufactured in Bedfordshire, have been installed as far afield as Australia, Canada, Nepal, Ethiopia and the Falkland Islands!

Weber has a range of solutions specially designed to assist airport infrastructure managers in overcoming problems in many areas of airport maintenance. The need to have runways and taxiways operational for the maximum period of time is of great importance to airport operators and airlines but the critical factor is safety, and the Weber range of rapid setting bedding mortars, precision grouts and concrete repair offer reliable and durable installation and repair.

Whilst our home market of the UK & Ireland is our focus, we have a specialist export team which supports this niche and highly technical market.  Our experienced team can assist in specification support and advice on certification, testing and approvals needed.

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Just a few of the places where Weber UK and Ireland airport solutions are successfully installed...

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