weberend one coat dash - Dash in a Flash!

Saint-Gobain Weber has launched high performance weberend one coat dash, a one coat render that can receive a dry dash finish without the need to apply a base coat or a second pass.  Designed to achieve a durable and weather resistant finish weberend one coat dash is especially suitable for the challenging Scottish climate where dash finish is commonplace.


one coat dash

Suitable for brick, blockwork, concrete, natural stone and clay substrates weberend one coat dash can be applied and finished on the same day, avoiding the drying time associated with a traditional two coat system typically of three to seven days. The use of weberend one coat dash allows faster application, reduced programme periods and improved onsite efficiency.

Onsite preparation is quick and easy requiring only the addition of water to the factory-blended, through-coloured render mix. It is suitable for application by hand and by spray render machine which will speed the process further. When applied at 16mm thickness coverage is approximately 1m² per 25kg bag. In many circumstances it is possible to apply the total thickness of weberend one coat dash in a single pass dependent upon criteria such as construction alignment, suction and mechanical key offered by the substrate. weberend one coat dash is factory produced for consistency of proportioning and available in three key colours: white, cream and buff.

“Whatever name you know it by, pebbledash, harling or dry dashing, this is a time-honoured building technique in Scotland which results in a long-lasting weather-proof shield, originally designed to protect stone buildings. This new one coat system offers a quick solution to architects, housebuilders and contractors, allowing their choice of decorative aggregates, to achieve an attractive and durable façade,” says Tracey Dempster, head of marketing, Saint-Gobain Weber. “This practice is the most common type of finish that has been used throughout Scotland for centuries. Long lasting and practical weberend one coat dash, finished with a blend of decorative aggregate stones, is perfectly suited to the exposed locations of the country offering low maintenance and upkeep as its increased surface area serves to maximise evaporation and protect against driving rain.”

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