weberfloor fibre rapid 4320

Weber UK


  • 25kg

Rapid drying, self-smoothing base and renovation screed suitable for residential and commercial areas.

weberfloor fibre rapid 4320 is a rapid drying, self-smoothing base and renovation screed — also referred to as a self levelling compound or self levelling screed — which can be applied to depths of 5-50mm used for levelling:

  • Concrete
  • Sand/cement screeds
  • Anhydrite screeds
  • Wooden boards
  • Underfloor heating/warming
  • Insulation boards
  • Existing tiles
  • Bitumen

weberfloor fibre rapid 4320 flow rapid is suitable for covering with:

  • Tiles
  • weberfloor smooth 4150 thin topping screed
  • weberfloor smooth rapid 4160 thin topping screed

Suitable for use in residential and commercial areas, light foot traffic is possible after 1-3 hours in normal conditions, tiling is possible after 12hrs and final floor coverings other than tiles can be applied after 2-4 days depending on layer thickness and drying conditions.

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