weberfloor industry rapid 4655

Weber UK


  • 25kg

Rapid drying, self-smoothing industrial screed and resin receiver suitable for industrial areas.


Suitable for:


weberfloor industry rapid 4655 is a rapid drying, self-smoothing industry screed and resin receiver — also known as an industrial self levelling compound — which can be applied to depths of 4-15mm used for levelling:

  • Concrete
  • Base screeds
  • Anhydrite screeds

weberfloor industry rapid 4655 must be covered with:

  • Epoxy resin coatings
  • Polyurethane coatings

Suitable for use in industrial areas, light foot traffic is possible after 1-2 hours in normal conditions and final floor coverings can be applied after 24hrs depending on layer thickness and drying conditions.

Tutorials and videos

Case studies

Weber floor screeds used in new facility for Envisage group
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Envisage Group Studios, Coventry

A striking new studio complex has been built in Coventry for the Envisage Group, an international design & engineering organisation. This new facility provides the ultimate style for aspirational ...

Woolley GMC Engineering
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Woolley GMC Engineering, Coventry

Saint-Gobain Weber industrial and commercial flooring products, designed for speed of application and premium performance, have been used in a major renovation project at Woolley GMC Engineering in ...

Weber UK
Flooring Systems

Principality Stadium, Cardiff

As part of an extensive upgrade project 220m2 of open basement floor area needed to be levelled, finished and ready to withstand foot traffic within a short timescale of just three days.

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