weberwall brick proves a big hit at UK Construction Week

Saint-Gobain Weber introduced its latest innovation weberwall brick at this year’s UK Construction Week. To say it was well-received would be an understatement.

Saint-Gobain Weber welcomed visitors to its vibrant stand at UK Construction Week 2019 as the company introduced its latest innovative product, weberwall brick.

weberwall brick is a fast fix, lightweight brick system that that can be used both internally and externally. Creating a realistic brick finish across a range of different applications and substrates, it’s 3x faster than applying brick slips and offers a significant reduction in weight and application costs and in turn the transport and scaffolding costs. It’s easy-to-apply so can be fitted on site by a semi-skilled fitter and is available in 12 colours and textures.

The round-the-clock bustling Weber stand was made up of a mixture of live product demos, hospitality and inventive ways to display their new product, including a barking dog finished with weberwall brick.

While the drinks were flowing and meetings were being had, visitors could take part in a spot the difference contest. The idea was to work out which of three brick finishes was weberwall brick. Across the three days more than half of construction professionals were unable to tell the difference between traditional brick, brick slips and weberwall brick. The winner, Tracey Bunch of Vinci Construction, whose name was drawn out of a hat, was one of the few who worked out which was Weber’s new product. She wins a choice of an iPad Mini or a £500 Virgin Experience Day voucher.

Showcasing weberwall brick through a series of live action demos across the three days of UK Construction Week, Weber’s stand at the NEC was inundated with visitors interested in seeing the new product at work – so much so that crowds spilled over to neighbouring stands.

“It was so busy,” explained Paul Roberts, Saint-Gobain Weber’s National Technical Support Manager. “From the very first demo to the last the stand was packed, and once we finished we had lines of people wanting to know more about the product and its benefits. So to say weberwall brick was well-received is an understatement.”

If the crowds weren’t enough of an indicator to measure Weber’s success at UK Construction Week, the company won the award for Best Visitor Interaction at the show.

“The response at the show was amazing,” said Weber’s Product Manager, Kelvin Green. “But having it capped off with an award for the way our team interacted with visitors at the exhibition was the icing on the cake.”

Elsewhere during the show, Weber’s Managing Director Padraig Barry was presented with a certificate by the BBA (British Board of Agrément) for weberwall brick installed onto an EWI system, which means the new product has been independently assessed and certified to an internationally recognised standard.

Commenting on the company’s overall experience at UK Construction Week, Tracey Dempster, Weber’s Marketing Director, said: “We had a wonderful time in terms of the number of stand visitors we received and the way in which people engaged with weberwall brick. Initial feedback has been really positive, and after securing a lot of quality leads we’re looking forward to following them up and further introducing our new product to market.”

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