A day in the life of an application manager

Stuart Owen training in the academy

Application managers play an important part in making sure that contractors and tradespeople have the necessary knowledge, skills and support to use a product correctly for optimal performance. Stuart Owen, one of Weber's application managers, explains his job and how he can improve the outcome of projects he gets involved with.

"All of Weber’s ‘apps’ managers come from a practical background. Many of us have worked on sites and because we’re all hands-on people, our insight, knowledge and experience are really beneficial to our customers."

Delivering on-site training and support

We work with installing contractors and construction companies giving best practice presentations, on-site demonstrations, and toolbox talks. We answer any questions to assist with their knowledge about our render, external wall insulation (EWI) and flooring systems and many other products in our range.

Throughout the day we’re available to answer calls to give technical support where we can. Often, it’s a contractor who’s come up against a problem and needs some guidance. They’ll send photos to me as they’re working - in real time - to show me their challenges and ask for advice: "What are your thoughts?",  "Why is this happening?".  The immediacy of communicating this way allows the contractor to quickly solve their problem.

Preventing problems

On project packages we try to do a pre-site meeting to highlight any potential problems and detailing.  I’ll go in and give as much support as I can. It shows how important it is to ask us for advice early on to avoid any mistakes.

Quite often we can be on a site and the contractor will mention other aspects of their project that we can help them with too. This is when we can talk them through other Weber products that would be suitable.

Using experience to help with development

I might visit an off-site manufacturers’ factory and install weberwall brick on working models and talk through the system with them. I’ll apply the product and do the pointing so they can see how brilliant this product is and just how quickly and efficiently it can be installed.

I’ll get stuck in and help on a site if necessary. If you can get a set of tools out of the back of your truck and muck in to show the best way to use a product, the contractor will see that you know what you’re doing, and it gives them the confidence to trust you and your advice.

The best thing about the job is watching a small business, maybe a two-man contractor that’s using our products. We train and help them develop their portfolio and they get really good at their job. Then, you see their business expand and become a prominent contractor in their area. It’s very satisfying.

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