Transform your home with a brick-effect feature wall

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Exposed brick has become an on-trend way to create a modern industrial or cosy rustic look for your home.

Designers have been using brick in interior design for years. From lounges and kitchens to bars, restaurants and offices, it’s a durable, no-fuss material that can help turn any room lacking imagination into a space with serious style.

But what faux-brick options do you have if your home is not built from bricks?

  • Brick slips offer a realistic and sturdy solution but can be expensive and time consuming to install
  • Brick effect wall paper is simple to install and offers a cost effective solution but doesn’t give you a realistic textured finish
  • Brick effect wall panels offer a 3D finish that wall paper doesn’t, but made from plastic they don’t always offer the real-feel
  • weberwall brick is made from mineral materials so offers a realistic textured finish, is suitable for internal and external use so is highly durable and is 3 times faster than brick slips to install!

So how can you add style using a brick effect system like weberwall brick?

Kitchen chic

Why not elevate your kitchen by covering a splashback or feature wall? Aside from stripping back the look of your kitchen and creating a more spacious feel, a coloured brick-effect can warm up cold décors made up of white cabinets and appliances*

Paint it!

Like with traditional bricks, you can paint weberwall brick to add a personal touch to your home. Whether you use a whitewash to add style to your space, or a range of colours to give your room an authentic aged look, it’s an inexpensive and easy way to enhance the look of your home.

Nooks & crannies

Use behind open back shelving, frame your wall mounted TV, showcase your art collection or add genuine interest to the smallest room in your home - a little goes a long way when it comes to brick chic style.

Delightful dining

Have you considered using a brick effect system as a feature in your dining room? Use it to add interest and warmth, highlighting a rich wooden table and chairs. With the right lighting, a brick effect wall can offer real flair to your décor and dining experience.

Watch the video

Offering an alternative to standard brick and brick slips, take a look at weberwall brick, it is a fast fix, lightweight, easy-to-apply brick system that is 3x faster to install than traditional brick slips and is available in 12 authentic colours.

To see how easy it is to apply weberwall brick as part of an interior design project, watch the video below:

weberwall brick is a fast fix, lightweight brick system which is suitable for internal and external use. Formulated from 95% minerals bound in cross-linked polymers, this brick system is weather resistant and flexible whilst allowing existing structures, wall systems or new buildings to freely breathe beneath its surface. In this video we show you how to apply it internally.

How can we help?

For advice and guidance on the best way to use weberwall brick you can learn more on the product page or contact our Technical Team by:

*While weberwall brick has achieved an A2 fire rating (meaning it is of limited combustibility) it cannot be used in a fireplace or near an open flame as it can be damaged if placed too close. We recommend that weberwall brick is placed a minimum of 300mm away from an open flame to avoid damage.

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