Top Tool Tips

Weber UK

Are you in the market for some new kit? We asked our Applications and Training Team for their top tool tips to help them achieve the perfect job every time.

Read recommendations from a few of the guys that use our Renders, Flooring and Tiling products everyday.  You might not agree with all (they don’t seem to agree with each other), but take a look at their top tool tips below…

Stuart Owen - Product Demonstrator – Technical Academy

"I opt for a Marshalltown Steel Trowel, I prefer a steel trowel when it comes to rendering instead of stainless steel as I feel it’s more sturdy and doesn’t give and flex.  It has to be a rubber handle over wooden as it’s softer in your hand and gives a much better grip." 

"Any pump machine whether it be PFT, Mtec, Putz or Euromair - if used correctly with the proper training are all good machines.  In the trade, our bodies earn us money the same as professional football players do, so why not take the strain off and let the machines spray or pump the material instead."     

Chris Meek – Applications Manager - Scotland and North East

"My top tool is the Nela Premium Trowel, it’s the best trowel out there.  Like Stu I usually prefer a steel trowel but this stainless one really keeps its shape." 

Phill Powell – Applications Manager – South Wales and South West

"My Stabila Laser Level gets used on most tasks, from floor levelling, ashlar cutting, beading and setting out for weberwall brick. It’s a quality piece of kit which means the job gets done right every time."  

"My PFT Monojet is a really simple and versatile pump which can be used on flooring, rendering, plastering and grouting projects. Unlike other big 3-phase bulky machines, the Monojet can be completely dismantled and can fit into the back of a Toyota Hilux with only one man required." 

Rob Speke – Technical Academy Manager

"Every tradesman knows nothing can be done without a 'gentle persuader' and the Ox Pro Club Hammer is mine. This is a genuine ‘must have’ in every toolbox as it can be used for just about anything… fine adjustment to both block and brickwork, great for cleaning other tools covered in last week’s mix and this versatile piece of kit can also be used to prop open doors!"  

"Another piece of kit I wouldn’t be without is the M-tec 2000 Duo-Mixer.  M-tec call it the “King on the building site”, but I think it’s more of a goddess!  It’s a ‘proper’ screed machine - it mixes the material twice (duo) and for the correct amount of time. Then, due to its power and strength it can convey the wet material over 60m away.  It has a simple operating system which tells you what to do, when to do it and if you are not doing something right and why. These last factors make the difference between a good machine a brilliant machine."

Lin Twidale – Academy Trainer – Technical Academy

"For me it’s a Rubi Cutter as they are so well made, not only are they sturdy but they also cut accurately and quickly. They also save you time as you can set the gauge to cut several tiles the same size, either square or at a 45° angle."  

"When it comes to grouting my preference is a Marshalltown Grout Float – it’s soft rubber so doesn’t scratch or harm the tiles and enables a speedy grout finish."  

Dave Hunt – Applications Manager – South East

"My Stanley 10 Metre Powerlock Tape Measure, I’ve had it for years, comes in even more useful now as I’m able to read measurements without my reading glasses!"

Kevin Grainger – Applications Manager – Northern England

"I love my Ragni Classic Line extra-large hawk. It’s lightweight, comfy in the hand and reduces spills due to its size – it’s almost the size of a coffee table 😂" 

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