How to create better places using tiles

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One of our sister Saint-Gobain brands, CTD Architectural Tiles, talks about the importance of creating better places to live through the use of tiles

From a growing population, to increasingly advanced technology, the ways to create liveable environments are constantly evolving. A liveable environment is a place that’s good to live, work and play – a place that is attractive, efficient and safe for the people living there.

Creating a distinct visual identity for an area or specific commercial building is a vital way to ensure its success. Integrating design with local surroundings and culture helps a space both fit in and stand out. In addition to helping creating beautiful spaces, manufacturers of building materials also need to consider how buildings perform as we spend so much of our time in them it is crucial to our health and general comfort.

Advances in tile manufacturing have resulted in a huge range of notable qualities that contribute towards creating a safe, attractive environment and a happy community. This includes developments in flooring that make tiles suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, anti-slip qualities to avoid accidental injuries, and by using hardwearing materials high footfall areas can stand the test of time.

The huge choice in colour, pattern and texture also means that there is flexibility when it comes to creating a particular identity or personality of a building – whether in a home, shop, restaurant or office space. Long gone are the days when anti-slip options were only offered in a limited range of designs, available only in a mix of greys and blacks. Tile surfaces are now available in an enormous range of on-trend designs and formats, providing interior designers and specifiers with the option of versatility when it comes to high-traffic area tile choices.

With advancing technology and growing range available for tiling, the complete solution requires high performance tile adhesives, grouts and silicone sealants. Saint-Gobain Weber's range of tile fixing products perfectly complements tiles of all shapes and sizes, materials and thicknesses. 

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CTD Architectural Tiles specialises in the supply of high quality tiling solutions across all sectors in the UK commercial specification market. Once you've found the perfect tiles to suit your next project, ensure you use high quality tile fixing products from Weber.

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