Bulking out Five Star Repair Concrete

Five Star Repair Concrete is a free flowing concrete ideal for filling voids up to 500mm.

For larger sections it will be more economical to utilise the shrinkage compensating properties of Five Star Repair Concrete by bulking out using a selected single size or graded rounded aggregate, for example Pea Shingle or similar.

Five Star Repair Concrete can also be bulked out with 5 –20mm graded crushed limestone aggregate. This particular aggregate has proven AAR resistance. For sections up to 700mm bulked out Five Star Repair Concrete can be used. For sections larger than this it is recommended that the advice of the Weber technical team is first sought, on a project by project basis.

Mix design

25kg Five Star Repair Concrete
20.8kg of 5 – 20mm graded aggregate
3.3 litres of clean water


Dependant on the aggregate used the mix may no longer be fluid but instead of a plastic consistency and well able to be compacted with a trowel.

Strength development

From internal testing and other available information it is not believed or anticipated that bulking out Five Star Repair Concrete will impact the strength of the product. This is most likely due to the lower effective water cement ratio.

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