UEA Medical Centre, Norwich

As a consequence of the growth in numbers of students at UEA, the existing nursery and medical facilities were both proving inadequate.

The University identified a brief for new, grouped facilities comprising a 10-GP medical practice, a dental surgery, a 106- place nursery, a pharmacy and a launderette.

The largely single-storey building is naturally ventilated, and naturally-lit wherever possible, by means of openable windows and "windcatchers". Glare is controlled through the use of external louvres. The new facility is linked to an extension of the university's system.

The flawless application of weberpral M, a one-coat, through-coloured monocouche render, led to a visually stunning result. Not only has the render graced the building with a finish which is aesthetically pleasing to the eye but the practical properties contained within the render ensures the building will have excellent weather resistance and durability, whilst allowing the structure to breathe. weberpral M has been designed for spray application and can be applied up to 28mm thick in two passes. Manual application is also possible.

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