Get a superhero grip with weberend bead adhesive

Get a superhero grip with weberend bead adhesive

#StickQuick with weberend bead adhesive – improve quality and save time when rendering.

Bead up the same day as rendering:

  • Ideal for bedding corner beads, drip beads, stop beads, or expansion beads.
  • Immediate grip to the substrate whilst offering the ability to correct misalignment and levels
  • High strength to help protect robust details which are liable to knocks through high traffic

...just add water!

Adhere without fear

No staining

Adhesives which aren't solely manufactured for use on render beads can lead to staining in render.

weberend bead adhesive offers high strength bead adhesion and will never stain render.

No delamination

Gypsum-based adhesives sometimes are used to adhere beads, however this reacts with the moisture in render and causes unsightly delamination.

weberend bead adhesive saves time and will never cause delamination.

Rapid setting

Sufficiently setting within 2 hours (dependant on the ambient temperature), weberend bead adhesive offers immediate grip and you can still correct misalignment and levels.

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#StickQuick with weberend bead adhesive

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