Technical Bulletins — Technical Mortars

From best practice advice for the encapsulation of ribbon anodes, to guidelines for working with Five Star Repair Concrete in cold weather, this section includes a number of technical bulletins designed to assist you in carrying out technical mortars projects. We also offer a range of advice in the form of problem solutions which you can find here

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webercem advanced repair concrete

Cold weather working - webercem five star repair concrete

webercem five star repair concrete is a cement-based product and as such, certain considerations must be made when working in cold weather.

Find technical advice on cold weather working with webercem five star repair concrete here →

Aggregate for bulking Weber five star repair concrete

Bulking out webercem five star repair concrete

Circumstances may require the bulking out of webercem five star repair concrete with Pea Shingle or similar aggregate.

Advice on mixing webercem five star repair concrete with aggregates here →




Diagram of encapsulation of ribbon anodes in repair mortar

Encapsulation of ribbon anodes

Titanium anode ribbon is required in a number of circumstances, and Weber products are suitable for encapsulation. 

More on best practice for encapsulation of ribbon anodes →




Graph of resistivity of concrete & mortars

Resistivity of concrete and mortars

Resistivity is affected by a number of factors and is very dependant on the moisture content of the concrete.

More on the resistivity of Weber concrete repair products here →

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