Technical bulletins - tile fixing

tile grout efflorescence

Efflorescence on tile grout

Information and advice on efflorescence - a white deposit which develops on the surface of grout and/or tiles.

About preventing and treating efflorescence →

tiling and grouting swimming pool

Tiling swimming pools

Technical advice for the steps required when tiling swimming pools.

More on the preparation and tiling of swimming pools →


weber tile fixing

Tiling onto anhydrite screeds

Anhydrite screeds are based on gypsum, and require a slightly different approach to ordinary sand/cement screeds. 

More about how to tile onto anhydrite screeds →


Fix the over-boarding

Overboarding with plywood

Overboarding with plywood using weberset rapid SPF provides a smooth surface that is easier to tile onto than floorboards or chipboard. 

More about using plywood when tiling →


Park House, Windlesham

Using resin backed tiles

Stone tiles are now being produced thinner than traditionally, and as such require reinforcing with a resin. 

How this resin impacts on tile fixing →

Ceramic Tile Distributors, Woking

Using thin tiles

Ultra-thin tiles can be as little as 3-4mm in thickness, but can be produced at sizes up to 1000m. 

Overcoming the challenge of fixing thin tiles →


Tiling with resin agglomerate tiles

Agglomerated tiles are generally 90-95% natural stone chippings set in a mould and cut into tiles, and should not be confused with resin backed tiles. 

About tiling with resin agglomerate tiles →

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