weberend MPR

weberend MPR - multipurpose render


  • 25kg


Proprietary render based on Portland cement, lime, sand and other additives which reduce the capillary water absorption. Factory produced as a pre-blended dry powder from carefully selected raw materials for consistency of product requiring only the addition of water on site.

Suitable for:


weberend MPR is a premixed sand and cement render which can be applied onto most types of masonry and acts as the base coat in various render systems from Weber.

Applied at varying thicknesses depending on project type but should never exceed 25mm:

  • As an external render: Approx. 16mm thickness should be applied for sheltered to moderate exposure, or 20mm for severe exposure
  • As an internal render: Approx. 8-19mm

Available in Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. For England, Scotland and Wales, see weberend OCR.

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Case studies

Kildare Community College - Co Kildare
External Wall Insulation

Kildare Community College - Co Kildare

This new school provides secondary school facilities for 1,000 students and is one of six new schools which will provide places for over 4,700 pupils through the Public Private Partnerships (PPP) ...

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