weberfloor acoustic system (Robust Details)

weberfloor acoustic system (Robust Details)

Noise-reducing flooring system compliant to Robust Details finished with floor coverings such as vinyl, laminate, carpet or tiles.


weberfloor acoustic system (Robust Details)

weberfloor base rapid 4360

Rapid drying, self-smoothing base and renovation screed suitable for residential, commercial and industrial areas.EPD

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Final finish

Final floor covering (eg. vinyl, laminate, carpet, tiles)

If used on a commercial project a further coat of weberfloor smooth 4150 or weberfloor smooth rapid 4160 will be required prior to laying final floor finishes other than tiles.

Glass fibre mesh

weberfloor 4945 glass fibre mesh

Glass fibre reinforcement mesh for weberfloor products. The glass mat has an alkaline-resistant impregnation.

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dB mat

unbranded dB mat (6mm)


Pre-cast slab

Associated products & systems

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