webertec anchor grout

webertec anchor grout

Fast-set polyester resin compound for anchoring and fixing.

webertec anchor grout is a three-component polyester resin and special catalysed filler that has been developed for anchoring and fixing. The pourable grout is suited for pouring into holes for anchors in floors and slabs. webertec anchor grout rapid is available for cold weather working.


    • 14.3kg

    About this product

    webertec anchor grout can be used for:

    • Vertical anchorage of bolts and fixings to building and civil engineering work
    • Fixings to concrete structures
    • Anchor dowel bars to pavements and slabs

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    Features and benefits

    • Conforms with BS EN 1504-6
    • Fast setting action with rapid strength gain allows loads to be applied within 2 hours
    • Easy to mix and place
    • Fixing cannot be vibrated out
    • Economical fixing compared with mechanical fixings
    • Stronger than concrete in one hour
    • Part mixing of webertec anchor grout allows flexibility of use and no wastage of material
    • Versatile material with fixings to concrete, brickwork and stone

      Things to consider

      • Initial set times are dependent on ambient temperature
      • For use in ambient temperatures above 25°C
      • The exothermic reaction of the grout components is influenced by the bulk of material mixed at any one time, to avoid wastage do not mix more material than can be used within the setting times detailed in the Technical Datasheet
      • Shelf life is in excess of 12 months when stored in cool dry conditions

      Technical & Safety Data Sheets and Certification

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