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With prolonged damp weather conditions across the UK and Ireland, building facades of all types are subject to the build up of algae. Those which are near expanses of water or woodland areas are more susceptible to algae and mould growth, as well as north-facing elevations which receive less direct sunlight.

Our #CleanAndProtect products are here to help remove organic deposits and protect renders from further growth to keep them looking fresh.

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Our water-based render & masonry cleaner weber CL150 containing carefully selected biocides which can be used as an algae treatment and is also effective against a broad range of bacterial, fungal, yeast and mould species.

  • Fast-acting moss and algae killer
  • Can be applied by spray or brush
  • Established track record in varying climatic conditions

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weberend protect is a highly hydrophobic, colourless coating for protecting renders from water, oil and graffiti whilst maintaining the appearance of render and allowing it to breathe.

  • Repels water reducing water ingress and buildup of mould, moss and algae
  • Can be applied by spray, brush, or roller
  • UV-resistant and doesn't degrade in exposure to UV light

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How-to guides

Render cleaning

Render offers a clean, modern, and attractive finish for your home which will last for more than 20 years if properly maintained. You'll need to wash it down from time to time to prevent noticeable buildup of algae, mould and other environmental contaminants. 

View our guide on render cleaning with weber CL150

Protecting render

Whilst monocouche render is low maintenance, like any other building facade it is not immune from the gradual buildup of organic growth and dirty deposits or graffiti. This guide will show you how to protect render to prevent these issues arising.

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