weberend protect

weberend protect
Weber United Kingdom
Weber United Kingdom

Surface treatment for protecting render from water and liquid ingress. Prevents ingress of most types of surface contamination, including water, oil and graffiti whilst maintaining the surface aesthetics and allowing the substrate to breathe.


About this product

weberend protect is a highly water and weather resistant solution which prevents build-up of dirt and other contaminants such as:

  • water
  • oil
  • graffiti

For use with weberpral M, weberpral D and webertherm XP external wall insulation system.

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Features and benefits

  • Repels water — water beads on the surface resisting water ingress and protecting the building substrate, keeping it cleaner and drier
  • Long lasting protection — provides an invisible defence against the elements whilst retaining the original appearance of the substrate
  • Vapour permeable — allows the substrate to breathe
  • Reduces water ingress — reducing the growth of algae, moss and mould
  • Facades looks better for longer — dirt, stains and other atmospheric contaminants do not adhere to the surface
  • Helps to prevent deterioration of surfaces increasing substrate lifespan and reducing maintenance costs
  • UV resistant — coating does not degrade in UV light
  • Non-flammable
  • Non-toxic – VOC free

Things to consider

  • Do not use if rain is expected within 4 hours
  • Do not apply during rain or frost or when surface and air temperature is <5°C and>30°C
  • Do not use in damp or wet conditions (substrate moisture should be a maximum of 5%)

Technical & Safety Data Sheets and Certification

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