Choosing render colours for the exterior of your home

Sage Green mineral render

Whether you are looking for inspiration for your new build home, want to spruce up the tired-looking exterior, or are planning to put your home on the market and want to add some kerb appeal, the choice of colour for the render, decorative finish or masonry paint can be a big decision!

Here are some top tips when choosing the colour for the exterior of your home

Assess your home and the locality

  • What is your house style?
    • If it is a period property consider the colours of the era… Victorian can handle dark rich colours, popular colours for Georgian buildings include natural browns and shades of green. For a Mediterranean-style property, you can choose bolder, brighter colours, whilst a chocolate box cottage or seaside terrace can work with the full palette of pastels or vibrant cupcake colours.
  • Is there a dominant theme in your neighbourhood?
    • Has everyone else used white and cream?  Are you looking to blend in or stand out?  Are you bold enough to make a statement with a bright colour?
    • If your home is listed - are permissions required?
  • Where is your home located?
    • Is the location sunny with lots of natural light or is it shady with overlooking buildings and trees? Properties with low-light or north-facing facades may work better with brighter colour choices which reflect light rather than absorb it.
    • Urban properties may be more accepting of modern render colours whilst rural settings might push for more traditional house colours to fit in!
  • Consider your windows and doors?
    • With the growing trend to move away from white uPVC window frames, have you considered what colour render works with grey windows?  Will the external render colour of your home clash with your anthracite frames and cherry red door? Using a colour wheel may help by showing you how colours relate to each other and visually demonstrating the relationship between them.

Specify the right materials

Depending on what kind of colour you are looking for, the type of product you use to finish your project may dictate just how close to your vision you can get!

  • Mineral finishes such as a monocouche render are created using natural pigments so the range of colours available will be prescribed by nature… soft colours, pastels and earth tones… if you want big and bright – a mineral finish is not for you!
  • Synthetic products such as silicone-enhanced textured finishes and paints offer brighter, bolder and darker shades in the range, allowing you to go to town with your dream colour palette.

Take inspiration

  • Don’t get caught up in trends
    • Trends can be short-lived, choose a colour which will stand the test of time, it can be an expensive decision that should not be made lightly.
  • Drive or walk around the area
    • Take a look at what is being used in your local area, compare modern house colours with more traditional styles, see what works and what doesn’t.
  • Use social media
  • Check out case studies
    • Take a look on our website at some documented projects which have used Weber render colours on houses, schools and other commercial buildings. Use the filters on the left to narrow down your search by choosing from our render colour chart.
  • Try a colour simulator
    • Try our new online tool to simulate what your home might look like in various colours.  Use a library image or upload your own drawing or photo.  Play around with the colour options available in the Weber range.  Download or print your images to compare your choices and create a shopping list for your render contractor.

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