Top 5 things to do when self-isolating

Weber UK

So if you’re not in the position to work from home, self-isolating for 7 to 14 days could be tiresome and the four walls of your home could start to feel a little smaller.  Here are a few ideas to keep you busy…

1. Learn a new skill

With YouTube videos available to teach you just about anything, take the opportunity to learn something new…

How about a musical instrument?  Ukuleles are cheap to purchase and reasonably easy to learn.

Learn a new language… we’ll all need a holiday after this passes, so maybe learn some Spanish for your next break to the Costa del sol.  If you can’t get your tongue round a new language, perhaps try learning British Sign Language instead.

You could even watch some of our informative how-to videos… if you’re a renderer you might benefit from learning more about our concrete repair products so you can make essential repairs to old buildings before coating with weberpral M, or even learn how to apply floor screed and expand your range of services.

2. Get creative

Let your creative juices run… Ever considered taking up painting?  Maybe a little bit of self-reflection with a self-portrait?  The entries for the Portrait Artist of Year is now closed, but Landscape Artist of the Year is open for entries so get practicing.

If you want to take advantage of your practical skills, you could try your hand at mosaic. Design your own table top or get some fresh air and decorate your garden wall with your own mural. Whatever your project - Weber tile adhesives, grouts and silicones can offer a hand with 18 colours available to add the finishing touches!

3. DIY

OK this one might not go down so well, but you have an opportunity to refresh the paint on your walls or the grout and sealant in your bathroom and kitchen – projects which won’t take too much time and money.

Our tile grouts and silicones can tidy up a splash back or shower cubicle and are available in 18 colours to smarten up your space!

4. Safety first

With lots of scary news going around, maybe make a positive from a negative… learn some first aid and CPR skills and share it with your family.  It is so important that children understand basic first aid skills which are currently not on the education curriculum.

Download the British Red Cross First Aid App here.

5. Grow your business

If you’re not out earning money for your business, think about how you might improve things when this passes.  Take the time to build or review your website, there are many apps and services that can help you to do this such as Squarespace and Wix.

How about building a social media presence for your business?  Post pictures of recent projects on Instagram and build a following to share your hard work and encourage new customers with the use of well used hashtags!

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