How to achieve a tyrolean render finish

How to achieve tyrolean render finish

Tyrolean render creates a durable and weather-resistant finish with an open, honeycomb texture.

weberend tyrolean system

  1. Optional stipple coat: If the masonry substrate needs additional suction and key, a stipple coat layer of weberend aid is required and should be applied with a hawk and trowel or an open hopper spray gun to a tight layer of 2-3mm thickness and then textured using a well-loaded roller. The final texture should be a deep, heavy stipple finish with a textured depth of 5-10mm.
  2. Base coat: weberend OCR is applied to a thickness of approx. 16mm thickness for sheltered to moderate exposure, or 20mm for severe exposure.
  3. Decorative finish: cullamix tyrolean is a through-coloured decorative finish applied by building up several passes with a tyrolean machine (see below video) to a finished thickness of 4-6mm to achieve an open honeycomb texture.

The full render system is known as our weberend tyrolean system.

Colour charts

cullamix tyrolean is available in 6 colours including White, Ivory, Silver, Cream and Parchment, as well as a darker grey option called Stone Grey.

Things to consider

See how it's done

cullamix tyrolean is applied using a tyrolean machine (sometimes referred to as a tyrolean gun, tyrolean flicker machine, or hopper spray gun) which creates a traditional, open honeycomb texture.

cullamix tyrolean See how easy it is to achieve a tyrolean finish with our tyrolean render video

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