How to achieve a travertine finish

How to achieve travertine finish

A traditional travertine texture offers excellent protection of a multi-coat render system and is simple to finish.

For applying onto masonry:

alpine finish is a travertine texture decorative finish for a multi-coat render system. Applied onto weberend OCR which has been primed with weber PR310, this system is suitable for all types of masonry.

weberend OCR can be applied directly onto suitable blockwork or brickwork which offers enough suction and key, otherwise a coat of weberend aid is first required. If applying onto concrete, weberend aid is always recommended.

More about alpine finish

alpine finish is available in White and is suitable as part of a suitable multi-coat render system applied onto masonry. This product is not suitable for application onto substrates including render carrier board and insulation board.

alpine finish Our team guides you through application of weber alpine, which provides a decorative travertine finish

See how it's done

After preparing the substrate and mixing alpine finish with the correct amount of water, apply with a hawk and trowel and create a dragged finish.

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