weberend tyrolean system

weberend tyrolean system onto brickwork

weberend tyrolean system is a multi-coat render system for use on suitable masonry substrates.

This system is completed with a tyrolean texture finish available in 6 popular colours.



weberend tyrolean system onto brickwork
Decorative finish

cullamix tyrolean

cullamix tyrolean is applied at a thickness of 4-6mm and provides an open honeycomb finish, available in a range of 6 colours.

Tyrolean texture render which is used as a top coat in multicoat render systems.

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Base coat render

weberend OCR

weberend OCR is applied by hand or machine to provide a base coat layer onto the substrate. 

Pump or hand applied one coat render. weberend OCR avoids the drying time associated with multi-coat render systems and offers results equivalent to traditional two coat renders.  Ideal as a base coat to be used with our range of decorative finishes. 

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Optional stipple coat

weberend aid

Depending on the substrate, weberend aid may need to be specified in order to achieve the correct level of suction and key.

weberend aid is required when applying onto:

  • Blockwork of an unsuitable density (1350-1450kg/m³ is a suitable density)
  • Brickwork without recessed mortar joints
  • Concrete

weberend aid is not required when applying onto:

  • Blockwork with a density of 1350-1450g/m³
  • Brickwork with recessed mortar joints
Stipple render used as preparatory coat to improve key and equalise suction over mixed backgrounds.

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weberend OCR can be applied onto blockwork, brickwork or concrete substrates, however an application of weberend aid may be required. 

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