Pumping screeds in cold weather

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Renderers know all too well that once the temperatures starts to drop below 5°C it's time to stop rendering for the winter period. However, the same machine pump can be used indoors to apply floor screeds – a great way to maximise trades throughout the colder months.

It's easy to learn how to apply floor screeds with one of our Technical Academy courses, but take a look at our tips below to get better acquainted with pumping screeds.


During the colder months, temperature is the biggest issue with floor screeds, and ensuring they are cured in the correct environment. Don't forget, the screed must not be exposed to temperatures outside the range for the duration of the curing process and that includes the ground (substrate) temperature, the screed itself, and the ambient air temperature:

What about using heaters?

Using heaters can seem like an easy go-to solution to increase the temperature to speed up the drying time of a floor screed, but it can be detrimental to the integrity of the finished floor layer if the heat is set too high. 

Heating up the room to dry a screed faster than prescribed can lead to many problems, but mostly cracking quite early on in the lifetime of the floor screed. Always follow the instructions on the product datasheet or get in touch with us to double check.

Air flow

During the curing process the moisture content in a floor screed evaporates, and due to it being an evaporation process this means air flow is very important.

Air flow in this instance means the air needs to keep moving and stay at the right temperatures for the entirety of the time it takes for the screed to cure.

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