Park Home, Ipswich

webertherm XM with webersil TF finish was specified for the Park Home refurbishment, Ipswich.

Award winning, BBA accredited webertherm XM external wall insulation (EWI) system by Saint-Gobain Weber, the leading formulator and manufacturer of innovative materials for the construction industry was specified to deliver improved thermal efficiency and the transformation of the aesthetic appearance for a Park Home refurbishment project, Ipswich.

Park Homes are considered to be non-permanent structures and are therefore not subject to Building Regulations approval. They are also outside the scope of any European Standards. The construction of a Park Home typically consists of a timber or lightweight steel framed structure finished internally with a board and externally sheathed in plywood which has an applied weather resistant finish.  Whilst the cost-effective homes stand securely, many lack adequate insulation and are notoriously hard to heat.

webertherm XM is a high performance, multi-layer, lightweight, thin coat insulation system.  It is recognised for achieving exceptional levels of thermal efficiency and was applied by Weber recommended applicator R J Dean Plasterers Ltd.

Using 80mm thick webertherm MFD insulation boards (Euro Class A1 (non-combustible) mineral fibre) as an integral part of the system, Weber calculated a target U-value of 0.29 W/m²k from an initial 0.90 W/m²k which will contribute to conserving energy, minimising heat loss and reducing CO₂ emissions.  

In this application the insulation boards were mechanically fixed before the application of 3mm of weberend LAC, a polymer-modified cement-based render. The first pass of the render forms a bedding coat for the glass fibre mesh reinforcement, which is encapsulated by another coat of render to form a 6mm total coating.  Once dry the surface was primed with weber PR310 before the final decorative finish.  For this project webersil TF, a silicone-based, decorative textured coating was specified to achieve a modern and functional façade.   Used in Vanilla, webersil TF provides a protective, durable and weather resistant surface and is available in a wide range of over 100 colours.

webertherm XM can extend the life of existing buildings by keeping the old structure warm and stable.  As it is applied to the external walls there is no loss of internal living space and avoids disruption to homeowners. 

Over 40 years of experience in the EWI industry has given Weber a deep insight into the successful delivery of new build and refurbishment projects.  Weber manufactures all renders used in its EWI systems in the UK and Ireland from plants in three locations, thereby reducing transportation costs and carbon footprint when compared to systems using imported renders. It also ensures that product quality is maintained. 

Weber’s technical team offers a full U-value and condensation risk analysis service for new build and refurbishment projects.  Weber provides full technical advice and application support, helping customers and clients to specify the right solution for each project.

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