EPD now available for weberwall brick

EPD now available for weberwall brick

We're pleased to announce we now have an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) available for innovative weberwall brick, a solution designed to support MMC and the future of sustainable house building. To view our EPD, click the link below or view it on Environdec.

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How does weberwall brick compare?

weberwall brick (5.7kg CO2)

weberwall brick

1m², or three wraps of weberwall brick comprising of 60 bricks equates to just 5.7kg of CO₂.

Source: weberwall brick EPD

Pizza (5.8kg CO2)

Fully-loaded pizza

A fully-loaded pizza from Domino's equates to 5.8kg of CO₂

Source: Dominos.co.uk

Daily commute (12.35KG CO2)

Daily commute

A commute of 40 miles (20 miles each way) in a mid-size petrol car equates to 12.35kg of CO₂.

Source: 8billiontrees.com

Smartphones (70.6kg and 83kg)


A Samsung Galaxy S23 smartphone equates to 70.6kg of CO₂ and an Apple iPhone 14 equates to 83kg of CO₂.

Sources: Samsung.com & Apple.com

weberwall brick is 3x faster to apply than brick slips

3x Faster Application

weberwall brick also enabled us to substantially increase the amount of insulation in the house without either losing space inside, or using more land.” 

– Barratt Developments PLC

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Transport 16x as much weberwall brick in one journey when compared to traditional house bricks

16x More Economical

“The weberwall brick used on eHome2, our concept house at the Energy House climate chamber, came on just one pallet. If we had built the house using traditional brick, we would have needed over 20 pallets, which is an entire lorry load.” 

– Barratt Developments PLC

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