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Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs)

Our commitment to become carbon net zero by 2050 has many steps and part of this process is to provide our customers with solutions to help them decarbonise and reduce their own environmental footprint.

All EPDs are updated on our website as soon as a new one is published, however you may also view all of our latest EPDs on

Our EPD verified products

weberpral M & D

We are proud to offer the first monocouche render EPD in the UK & Ireland for weberpral M and weberpral D. We're transparent with our customers about the weberpral render environmental performance lifecycle and this allows us to proactively work to reduce the environmental impact of our products. 

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weberwall brick

weberwall brick is our lightweight, fast-fix brick-effect finish which offers a more sustainable option when compared to more traditional methods of construction. 

For example, did you know you can transport 16 houses worth of weberwall brick on one lorryload when compared to traditional house bricks?

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Slow setting floor screeds - EPD verified

Floor screeds

Our standard setting floor screeds are now EPD verified, this includes:


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What makes Weber different?

Low environmental impact manufacturing process

Low environmental impact manufacturing process

The specialised gravity-fed silo system in place at our render manufacturing plant offers advantages for faster, safer handling of materials but also a time and energy reduction compared to traditional conveyor-based pneumatic delivery.

The system ensures quick and economical mixing of bulk goods, perfect for the free-flowing powder materials used in the manufacture of weberpral monocouche renders.

Any production waste reused

Any production waste reused

Our manufacturing processes have been designed to reduce waste and improve yield with accurate dosing systems in place, however, should any production waste be generated it is reworked keeping any waste to an absolute minimum.

In addition to production waste being reused, efficient product planning is applied to ensure minimal wastage, this is critical when coloured renders are being scheduled.  There is also zero waste to landfill from our plants in Great Britain and 7% of all raw materials used are from recycled and waste sources.

Renewable energy sources

Renewable energy sources

100% of our electricity in Great Britain comes from renewable sources, harnessing the natural resources of solar, wind and hydro energy allowing us to switch from fossil fuels to clean energy.

Energy is changing rapidly, it’s not just the source but how we use it… we have introduced electric and hybrid company cars, low energy lighting in all our offices and introduced schemes to help employees identify how to save energy and the costs associated.

Locally sourced, locally made

Locally sourced, locally made

Using goods that have been manufactured locally, rather than using imported materials, significantly decreases the mileage a product has to travel to site and in turn, the fuel required and emissions expelled. We manufacture from our plants in three locations across the UK which reduces our costs and carbon footprint to supply and transport our products to their local markets.

In addition to being manufactured locally, 84% of the raw materials used in these products are sourced in the UK* removing unnecessary transport and risk to supply, whilst offering us the opportunity to ensure that our suppliers have suitable sustainability credentials.

*84% by volume of raw materials and packaging are supplied by UK companies

100% Euro 6 compliant logistics fleet

100% Euro 6 compliant logistics fleet

Our logistics partner Menzies Distribution operates a 100% Euro 6 compliant fleet, with their diesel vehicles efficient enough to be certified by the industry standard and meet the criteria for Low and Ultra-Low Emissions Zones and the UK’s Clean Air Zones.

They have also invested in electric vehicle technology where operationally viable, with over 260,000 reduced emission miles driven every year. 

The future of construction data

Future of construction data

Our EPDs are available via Environdec. The data available in the documents will provide architects, designers and specifiers with credible data to support innovative and sustainable construction and help our customers report on their scope 3 emissions.

The EPDs have worldwide validity and are accepted in several Green Building Schemes (e.g., BREEAM, LEED), Building Information Management (BIM) software for building LCAs and Green Public Procurement.

Brand value: Sustainability

We care about building better for people and the planet

We take sustainability very seriously – as part of Saint-Gobain, we are committed to making the world a better home, and collectively we care about building better for people and the planet by reducing the environmental impact of our products and operations.

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