Etihad Stadium, Manchester

High performance webertec force carbon plate was specified for the structural strengthening of pre-cast concrete at the Etihad Stadium, Manchester.

Structural strengthening was required to the pre-cast concrete terrace beams where flexural capacity needed increasing due to casting problems with the existing steel rebar positions.

Access was restricted due to the construction of the new stadium and the weight of the new terrace already in place.

Four high strength carbon fibre plates were installed using webertec force carbon plate, grade 200 kN/mm2 modulus and webertec EP structural adhesive. These were applied to the soffit of the pre-cast terrace beams.  The carbon fibre plate was applied after firstly installing temporary propping to jack the terrace units off the beam and then preparing the surface by grit blasting. The carbon fibre plate was delivered in cut lengths ready for installation.  The terrace units were then jacked back down onto the beam once the epoxy resin adhesive had fully cured.

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