webertec EP structural adhesive

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webertec EP structural adhesive is a two-component epoxy resin adhesive specific for external bonding of webertec force carbon plates. Bisphenol A/F epoxy resin with a modified aliphatic polyamine hardener and inert filler.

webertec EP structural adhesive is available in 5kg pails with hardener compound recessed in the lid


  • 5kg

About this product

  • External bonding of webertec force carbon plates
  • Bonding to concrete, timber and masonry structures
  • Primary bonding mechanism for CFRP Plates
  • A component of webertec force composite strengthening system

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Unfortunately there is no consumption calculator currently available for this product, this may be due to complexities estimating how much product you may need. Please consult the Technical Datasheet which can be downloaded below or contact

Features and benefits

  • Excellent adhesion to prepared surfaces and CFRP laminates
  • Excellent transfer of stress between member and CFRP laminate
  • Excellent cohesive bond to CFRP laminates allows laminates to be bonded without support or bolts
  • Independently tested to Eurocode Standards
  • Colour coded two components for ease of mixing
  • Excellent moisture resistance properties
  • Thixotropic properties allow work to proceed overhead and on vertical surfaces

Things to consider

  • Structural engineer needs to ensure that this product will not be required to maintain its strength in the event of fire including taking full design liability of determining a suitable fire encasement if applicable in accordance with Concrete Society Technical Report 55.
  • Clean tools and any uncured adhesive using webertec solvent
  • Shelf life is at least 12 months when it is kept unopened and stored in cool, dry conditions

Technical & Safety Data Sheets and Certification

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