weberfloor acoustic system New system

weberfloor acoustic system

Noise-reducing flooring system finished with floor coverings such as vinyl, laminate, carpet or tiles.

weberfloor acoustic system


dB mat

weberfloor 4955 dB mat

Acoustic glass mat laminated with two protective polyethylene foils. weberfloor 4955 dB mat is a thin mat for impact sound reduction on floors in new buildings and in renovation.

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Glass fibre mesh

weberfloor 4945 glass fibre mesh

Glass fibre reinforcement mesh for weberfloor products. The glass mat has an alkaline-resistant impregnation.

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weberfloor fibre rapid 4320

A self-smoothing base and renovation screed which is fibre-modified for added durability:

Rapid drying, self-smoothing base and renovation screed suitable for residential and commercial areas.

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Final finish

Final floor covering (eg. vinyl, laminate, carpet, tiles)

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