webertec MCI

webertec MCI


  • 25L

A clear, surface-applied corrosion inhibitor designed to reduce the rate of corrosion by penetrating the concrete to form a protective barrier.

webertec MCI is to be applied to concrete surfaces that have not been subject to repairs. If required, can be applied prior to the application of webercem fairing coat or webercote coatings.

The inhibition process reduces the need to cut out and repair more concrete than absolutely necessary. However, as it depends on capillary absorption, penetration is more effective in dry concrete.

Suitable for:


Used for corrosion protection in steel reinforced, precast, prestressed and post-tensioned concrete structures. Suitable for structures such as:

  • Car parks
  • Tunnels and other underground structures
  • Marine structures

Concrete framed buildings Ideal for use as part of a Weber repair strategy.

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