Top 3 products for the perfect render job

Protecting monocouche render with weberend protect

We’ve chosen three of our favourite products for ensuring you perfectly finish every rendering job. From the best product for setting beads, to choosing a protective coating for the finished job, these products will help you take your render game to the next level.

The speedy bead adhesive

When it comes to setting corner, drip, stop or expansion beads, you might be used to just knocking up an extra bucket of render but what if there was another way? weberend bead adhesive was designed specifically to provide immediate grip to the substrate, as well as offering the ability to correct misalignment or levelling issues. Depending on the temperature it sets within 2 hours and it’s hardy enough to withstand knocks through high traffic.

With a two hour set time you can bead up in the morning and start applying your render in the afternoon – what more could you want?

The monocouche accelerator

With the evenings drawing in and the temperatures getting lower in the winter months, it’s important to make sure render dries within a range of 5-30°C, which can often be challenging at this time of year.

Enter weber accelerateur monocouche, a liquid accelerator for one-coat renders to speed up the time to scrape during colder temperatures. You can get a 20°C scrape time even at a chilly 5°C! As a colourless liquid, it won’t impact on the colour or appearance of the finished product, unlike some alternative products.

The final layer of protection

After putting all this effort into applying the render, having it beautifully level and scraped to perfection, the last thing you want is the façade at the mercy of the elements.

To keep your work looking as good as the day you scraped it, why not use a hydrophobic coating? No need to worry about a wet winter when water droplets just bead off the façade. With one of our more recent innovations, weberend protect, you won’t need to worry about the weather.

Not only will weberend protect add a layer of protection from water, but it will also protect against oil and graffiti, all whilst maintaining the appearance of the monocouche render and allowing it to breathe.

Time to upgrade your render game?

There’s no better time to try these new products for yourself and see the difference in both quality and speed of application. Not only that, but your customers will love the end result and have peace of mind knowing the long-term benefits.

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