New Flooring Products Launch for Flooring Preparation and Industrial Solutions

Weber are excited to announce the introduction of several new flooring products to complement our weberfloor solutions. weberfloor industrial base 4600, weberfloor 4720 epoxy primer and weberfloor DPM Pro.

Weber flooring products offer the complete solution to your project whether you require a floor screed, floor levelling compounds and complementary ancillary products, we can offer you the ideal system, whatever your requirements. 


Our floor primers are used for pre-treating all substrates prior to application of weberfloor solutions.

weberfloor 4716 primer is a water-borne floor primer dispersion which can be used as an alternative to a latex floor primer. This product doesn't contain ammonia and offers good alkali resistance and adhesion properties in both wet and dry environments.

Our new weberfloor 4720 epoxy primer is a two-component epoxy primer that bonds well into the substrate and increases the bonding tensile strength between substrates. weberfloor 4720 epoxy primer can be used as a primer or bonding agent as part of a Weber flooring solution.

Moisture Control

Moisture control systems are used to suppress the passage of residual construction moisture as measured with a hood hygrometer.

weberfloor MVS is a water-based moisture vapour suppressant which can suppress the passage of moisture up to 95% relative humidity. weberfloor MVS facilitates accelerated project timelines by allowing the rapid installation of weberfloor solutions.

Also introducing weberfloor DPM Pro, a two-component epoxy based damp proof membrane that is capable of being applied in one coat and can be applied onto concrete or cement-based screed surfaces with a moisture content of up to 98% relative humidity, prior to the application of weberfloor solutions.

Ancillary Products

weberfloor 4945 is a glass fibre reinforcement mesh which has alkaline-resistant impregnation and can be used as part of some weberfloor solutions. This product is usually used on weak substrates or in case the screed is laid nonbonded.

weberfloor 4955 is an acoustic glass mat laminated with two protective polythylene foils. This thin mat is for impact sound reduction on floors in new buildings and renovation and forms as part of weberfloor acoustic solutions.

weberfloor height markers are self-adhesive floor markers which indicate the thickness of floor screed – up to 100mm – as it is being applied.

weberfloor industrial base 4600

We have also recently launched our new rapid drying self-smoothing industrial base screed.

weberfloor industrial base 4600 is designed for the use in industrial areas allowing a much earlier overlay compared to traditional sand/cement or concrete. It is ideal for the renovation of existing floors, particularly where there are large irregularities in the substrate. 

For application depths between 5-30mm, should be pump or hand applied and is rapid drying, allows for foot traffic after 2-3 hours.


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