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webercem pyrapatch: Why compromise? The others aren't a patch on us!

webercem pyrapatch is a rapid-setting repair concrete for patch or full depth repairs up to 2m².

Unlike similar products on the market it is a one-part product requiring just the addition of clean water — the best part is this simple but effective product requires no priming meaning you save time and money on site!

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    Trafficable within 3 hours

    With it's exceptionally rapid drying time webercem pyrapatch can take traffic after just 3 hours.

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    No priming required

    Saving valuable time and money on-site.

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    Just add water

    With our premixed products all you need to add is clean water.

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    More great reasons

    • Shrinkage-compensated and sulphate resistant
    • Suitable for working in temperatures as low as 5°C
    • Resistant to freeze/thaw action
    • Independently tested by NAMAS approved laboratory
    • Tested to BS EN 1504-3 as a Class R4 repair product

Where can webercem pyrapatch been used?

Kawneer UK Ltd, Runcorn

An industrial grade floor leveller was specified in the extensive refurbishment of a manufacturing unit in Runcorn.  Cut-out areas in the substrate were repaired with webercem pyrapatch before weberfloor 4610 industry pro top floor screed was poured in sectioned bays. This project required 24 tonnes of weberfloor 4610 industry pro top to complete the 500m² area to the very highest standard and in the shortest possible time.

Glasgow Airport Runway

Strengthening works were required to rebuild runway 05/23 at Glasgow Airport.  Work involved strengthening the central section for aircraft loadings, replacing the airfield lighting system and resurfacing the runway. webercem pyrapatch, a fast setting pavement repair concrete, was used to install the new lighting ducts,  the tight possession times meant the material was required to set fast and gain at least 30 N/mm2 within 3 hours to allow aircraft landings after 6:00 am.

Tyne Tunnel, Newcastle

Tyne Tunnel has suffered over the years from de-icing road salts causing chloride to attack the concrete road deck.  webercem pyrapatch, a fast setting pavement repair concrete, was used to reinstate the defective concrete.  The tight possession times meant the material was required to set fast and gain at least 20 N/mm2 within 3 hours to allow traffic the following morning.  

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