weberend dry dash system

weberend dry dash system onto blockwork

weberend dry dash system is a one coat render system for use on suitable masonry substrates.

This system is completed with a durable layer of decorative aggregates which is ideal for areas of high weather exposure.



weberend dry dash system onto blockwork
Decorative aggregate

A layer of decorative aggregates is applied as the final finish, as well as adding a durable layer of protection.

Dry dash receiver

weberend one coat dash

A pebble dash render that can be dashed after a single coat. Also known as dry dash or harling, this product produces a highly durable finish which is ideal for external walls in areas of high exposure. 

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Optional stipple coat

weberend aid

Depending on the substrate, weberend aid may need to be specified in order to achieve the correct level of suction and key.

weberend aid is required when applying onto:

  • Blockwork of an unsuitable density (1350-1450kg/m³ is a suitable density)
  • Brickwork without recessed mortar joints
  • Concrete
Stipple render used as preparatory coat to improve key and equalise suction over mixed backgrounds.

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weberend one coat dash can be applied onto blockwork, brickwork or concrete substrates, however an application of weberend aid may be required. 

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