weberfloor thin bonded system

weberfloor thin bonded system

Thin bonded flooring system designed to level and smooth substrates finished with floor coverings such as vinyl, laminate, carpet or tiles.


weberfloor thin bonded system
Final finish

Final floor covering (e.g. vinyl, laminate, carpet, tiles)

Smoothing compound

weberfloor smooth rapid 4160

A self-smoothing compound with excellent spreading and drying characteristics:

Rapid drying, self-smoothing flooring compound suitable for residential and commercial areas. Can be used as a levelling compound and finished with various floor coveringsEPD

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Primer or moisture control system

Use either the following:

  • weberfloor MVS: Water based moisture vapour suppressant for use in suppressing the passage of residual construction moisture up to 95% relative humidity.
  • weberfloor 4716 primer: A styrene acrylate primer which regulates the porosity of the substrate and improves adhesion.


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