What are brick slips?

Brick slips being applied onto webertherm XB

Brick slips, otherwise known as brick tiles or brick veneers, are thin cuts of real bricks which are used as an external finish to provide the appearance of a conventional brick wall. A fast, realistic and cost-effective material, brick slips have been used to provide the façade of many homes over the years. 

Why use brick slips?

Now you’re no longer wondering what brick slips are, you may be questioning why somebody would choose to use them over traditional bricks. Although they are primarily used for aesthetic purposes, brick slips provide a quick and easy way of providing an authentic finish. Made from cuts of real brick materials, they are low maintenance, extremely durable, and provide the appearance of a conventional brick wall with much less material. Brick slips can also be attached to external wall insulation to provide a brick wall appearance.

Whilst traditional brick slips are a great option, they require a certain skill level to install them correctly.

Introducing weberwall brick

This fast-fix, lightweight brick system is suitable for both internal and external use and can be applied by semi-skilled labourer. While it maintains the appearance of traditional brick, it is formulated from 95% minerals bound in cross-linked flexible polymers, providing an effective product both in practicality and appearance.

Whether you’re working on designing a new build or are looking to create that exposed brick effect in your own home, weberwall brick is the perfect solution to create a realistic effect and offers a variety of benefits when compared to standard brick slips:

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    3x faster application

    Can be applied more than 3x times faster than standard brick slips

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    Doesn't require a bricklayer

    Requires less specialist knowledge than traditional bricklaying

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    Incredibly lightweight design

    One sheet of 20 bricks is equivalent to the weight of one single house brick

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    Versatile application

    Can be applied onto both external wall insulation and render carrier board

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    No lime or cement

    No lime or cement, eliminating the risk of lime bloom

Where can weberwall brick be used?

The weberwall brick system can be used for a variety of construction types including new build, refurbishment and internal project.

Offsite methods of modern construction (MMC) or those using frame structures and render board can use the weberwall brick external system for new builds, which comprises of an adhesive render, meshcloth and weberwall brick wraps.

weberwall brick can also be used in refurbishment projects as part of an external wall insulation system with a similar system build-up, rejuvenating the appearance and increasing thermal efficiency of older buildings with single-skin construction.

Finally, our internal system can be applied onto suitable plasterboard to create an authentic brick finish, in a fraction of the time and labour cost.

How to install

Simple to install, weberwall brick is sold in three different types of wraps:

  • Wall wraps to cover large flat areas of 20 bricks
  • Corner wraps to seamlessly continue brick patterns around corners
  • Soldier wraps for detailing around windows

The benefit of this design is that you needn’t worry about being a skilled bricklayer to create a straight, even layout. With each brick already sitting perfectly aligned, all you need to do is position the sheets to fit alongside one another.

What’s more, due to the flexible nature of weberwall brick, it can be quickly and easily cut to size, allowing you to easily achieve the perfect finish.

Colours and styles to suit your needs

Available in a variety of 12 textures and colours which can be paired with a variety of 3 different brick pointing mortars, many styles can be achieved. From Antique Red to Sanded Slate, we have something to suit every project. There is also a variety of textures to choose from, so you can opt for that modern smooth finish or perhaps choose a sanded, reclaimed, or rural look to achieve the older, more authentic finish you might require to suit an older property.

View our range of weberwall brick colours and styles →

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