Spruce up your façade in 2021 with some inspiring house renovation ideas

Contemporary New Build, Hampshire

So, you’ve spent a lot of 2020 at home and in your garden and you may not have had the holidays and nights out as planned. You might even have a little cash available to improve your home.

Have you considered sprucing up your house’s façade – improving its weather protection, aesthetic charm and general kerb appeal?  We’ve pulled together some inspiring house renovation ideas to improve the external envelope of your home!

Starting with options for smaller budgets and moving up the scale to costlier alternatives with added benefits!

£ Clean and Protect

A simple clean up might not be what you consider a house façade renovation idea, but if you live on the coast, in an area near to expanses of water or woodland your home might be more susceptible to algae and mould growth. Although algae is not harmful to render nor does it affect the performance of the product, it is unsightly and by removing it from your render you could bring the sparkle back to your property for just a small investment!

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££ Painting

The next step up from cleaning your render is the possibility of changing its colour – you might want to consider more modern house render colours. We have seen a strong trend towards grey façades which can offer a stylish new look to a pretty standard looking home.  The age-old favourite of white is very effective in making you home look fresh, especially with anthracite coloured windows and doors.

The use of webersil P silicone paint doesn’t just offer a palette of 160 colours, it will also protect your facade from the elements with it high water repellency, creating a water beading effect on the surface which will help maintain a clean surface.

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£££ Re-render

If your render is damaged and needs replacing and you are looking for new house façade ideas, you might want to consider a modern through-coloured render system.

Weber monocouche renders are the ideal choice for a durable finish. They are through-coloured so no further decoration is required and they have weather and algae resistance, so maintenance is very low.

We have a traditional render finish in weberpral M (or weberpral D for Ireland) which can be scraped or spray textured, but can also offer detailing such as quoins and ashlar features. If you’re looking for an even more contemporary aesthetic we also have a fine-textured option, weberpral MF, available in a selection of natural mineral colours.

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££££ External Wall Insulation

If your home is of single brick construction, you might find it hard to keep your home warm in the winter as levels of insulation is likely to be low. The next step up from improving the aesthetics of your home is to increase the thermal efficiency too! 

External Wall Insulation systems work by fitting the insulation to the outside of your home (so you won’t lose any internal space) and adding a render or brick finish to keep the façade weather proof and protecting the building’s structure for years to come.

Whilst the investment for this option is higher, it will mean lower annual heating bills, and a more eco-friendly home.

There are also grant schemes available which can support your project:

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